Voice therapy is any kind of technique that behaviorally changes voice. As Aronson mentioned, ” Voice therapy may be defined as an effort to return the voice to a level of adequacy that can be realistically achieved and that will satisfy the patient’s occupational and social needs”.

Traditionally voice therapy includes exercises for Posture, Relaxation, Breathing, Vocalizing Articulation. The main aim of all voice therapies is a target voice. Target voice is the best possible voice within the patient’s anatomic and physiologic capabilities. To change the voice, it is essential to know how it works. Microphysiology clues lie between the two striking zones (in other words, vocal activation zone) of the vocal folds. Simply and very briefly, ‘optimal dominant vibration point replacement’ takes place in therapy procedures. Anatomically, this point (or place) is the best place for maximum elasticity and power. Also, it is the place which shows maximal resistance to trauma.


doctorvox bag-doctorvox voice therapy set

DoctorVox Voice Therapy  is a direct technique for general use. It is a holistic and cognitive approach which gives a multichannel biofeedback. The technique uses multiple mechanisms at the same time without forcing –even without thinking! The doctorVOX drives your voice system into a natural, safe and effective way.


  1. Positive supraglottal pressure in front of the voice source
  2. Lowering the larynx
  3. Artificial elongation of the vocal tract
  4. Relaxation
  5. Altering kinesthetic sensitivity
  6. Proper abdominodiaphragmatic respiration

If you are preparing for a vocal performance, it is the safest way for your voice to warm-up and cool-down. Singers working with DoctorVox Methods  immediately produce better quality even with very few prior instruction, since they use the help of physics at the moment they start bubbling. We call this effect the ‘Sihvo’ effect which prolongs up to minutes even after using the device.

DoctorVox Therapy Technique-DVT Timeline

Some benefits you’ll enjoy with DoctorVox Method are; better support and timbre, improved vowel quality, richer higher harmonics, more precise and balanced glottal attack and damping, and better control of breathing and support.

Primal sound is the best friend of a professional singer. DoctorVox Method helps you find your primal sound at ease. Your primal sound shows which vocal class you belong to (soprano-mezzo, tenor-baritone, etc.). It is the safest and most effective way to sing. Your primal sound gives you the largest tessitura and makes you feel more confident.