doctorVOX Apparatus with DC-Valve

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  1. doctorVOX Swan Neck upper glass tube,
  2. doctorVOX Container(lower chamber),
  3. Locker clip,
  4. Thermos,
  5. Silicon mouthpieces for breathing and exhaling,
  6. Neck Lanyard,
  7. DC-Valve.

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  • doctorVOX DC- Valve is a SOVT (Semi-Occluded Vocal Tract) tool that provides DC support your voice during vocal training and voice therapy.
  • doctorVOX DC- Valve can be used to close the glottal gaps, vocal warm-up, and cool-down practice.
  • With doctorVOX DC- Valve used with maskVOX or doctorVOX Apparatus, you can quickly prepare yourself for vocal performances like concerts, shows, auditions, lectures, conferences, etc.
  • You can use DC-Valve with the doctorVOX Apparatus or maskVOX for respiratory training.


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